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demolitiongang's Journal

Destructive is the way we want to be
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They build, we destroy.

What's wrong with a little destruction?

To prevent infiltration just request to join the community and then email demolition.gang@gmail.com your username and the email address from which you got your sign-up confirmation email (meaning our leader's email address) and a mod will show you the ~green~ light.

If we've sent you an invite you have to accept it to get in!

Also, lol infiltration, such a big word. It's a bit like penetration but less phallic.

Demolition, we're the best!
We put teamwork to the test!
We blow shit up just for cracks
And make the others look like hacks!
Our Sir Leader's got it all,
With his help we're standing tall!
We'll blow your comments out the water,
We'll win our points back; prep for slaughter
We're the Lovers, we will win,
So sit back & take it, as we begin!
Dem-o-li-tion Lovers!

This is the Demolition Lovers' mascot, Bob. Bob is hardcore.

1. Set himself on fire and kept playing
2. Still helps out with pyrotechnics on tour despite getting burnt
3. Destroys things (notably cameras)
4. Has no sense of self-preservation

Show your commitment if you wish.
To do so simply copy+paste the code under whichever banner you like the most.